Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Makeup Look

This halloween, i decided i wanted to dress up as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She is a totally adorable character after all, and i love the movie! :)
Since i was running out of Disney princesses to cosplay as (the only characters i can really pull off are maybe Tiana, Jasmine and Esmeralda..^^;) i figured since Sally's skintone is BLUE, it might work. :3
For the face/body paint, i used Kryolan aquacolor, and it worked PERFECTLY. i totally recommend this to anyone who needs a great long-lasted body paint. :) I actually used both transluscent powder AND "Model in a Bottle" makeup setting spray.
I did alot of sweating dancing at Club Skellington, and the paint didn't rub off or run or anything! So buy it! haha ^^
For this look, after painting myself blue, i drew on the black stitches with black eyeliner, drew my eyebrows on with a reddish eyeshadow using an angled brush to make them look sad (or as my mom put it, "pensive", put on a little bit of pink blush (Pur Minerals) and a dark pink lipstick by NYX ("Doll')  and used some long and lovely spidery lashes that i bought at Rite Aid. They were AWESOME! :D
And now for the pics!

i wore this a few times during the month of october, and i seriously think this costume is my new fav! <3
Hope y'all like it! ^__^

<3, Marissa


  1. Hi, Marissa
    You have hands down achieved the best Sally I have ever seen! Most ppl look silly, but you made it look pretty. I had a quick question though, did you paint the blue over your eyebrows then put the eyeshadow over that to get this look?

  2. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Nightmare before Christmas it literally my favorite movie of all time. I know every word :]
    anyways! can you maybe make a video tutorial or something on how to do this makeup and everything??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?? It is sooo amazing. My Email is Thankyou!!! <3

  3. Simply Amazing!!! You have nailed this one on the head. I love Nightmare Before Christmas and you look like Sally come to life. How did you make her dress?

  4. Hi Marissa! I love the dress! Where did you get it? The make up is perfect! everything looks amazing! I love it! Tell us how to do it step by step please!

  5. Hey Marissa! You look absolutely amazing, best Sally I've ever seen by far :) What kind of aqua color did you use?

  6. What color aquacolor did you use, and where did you get your arm covers?

  7. I Love it!!!!! You are the BEST Sally ever!!!

  8. I forgot to ask which Kryolan Aquacolor did you apply and were did you buy it please tell me lols

  9. That is awesome!!! After you did the body paint did you dust with the powder and then apply the make up setting spray?

  10. Hey there Girl what color from the set did you use Blue? or what was the exact number combo?

  11. Wow - excellent job on this makeup and costume!

    In case you and your readers are interested, there is a Creative Costume Contest at and the grand prize is $250! I thought that you might be interested in entering.

    Thanks again for sharing, love the look.


  12. Which aquacolor did you use? did you use the soft cream of the interferenz or just the normal 30 ml one? Thanks!

    1. Anyone ever get a response of which color was used?

  13. Its the TK2 30 ml I bought diff colors thats the only one that turns out the same as in her pictures. The others were too dark or not the right shade blue.

  14. Hey Marissa! You're dress is perfect! Where did you get it from? I haven't been able to find one that looks good yet :)