Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disney's Cinderella Makeup Look

My second blog post. YAY! I'm feeling quite accomplished already. LOL! Anyways, here's another makeup look i did for another great friend of mine. We went to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party on Oct. 26th and i had the pleasure of creating her makeup look. She dressed up as Princess Cinderella, so i did my best to do her makeup accordingly! She is such a beautiful girl already, it really wasn't hard to make her look like a princess. :)
Of course here is a picture of Disney's Princess Cinderella...
 And here are a few pictures of my friend with her Cindrella-like makeup. <3
The foundation used was Maybelline dream matte powder, which had pretty nice coverage. I used shimmery white and baby blue eyeshadow shades across her peepers, dusted on some peachy-pink blush, and applied the frosty coral lipstick she had purchased and brought over for me to use on her. :) From there, i lined her top eyelids with liquid black eyeliner, curled her eyelashes and applied some nice full and glamorous false lashes to make her eyes stand out beautifully! to finish up her look, i coated both her falsies and lower lashes with black mascara. Oh, and i also had the chance to do Princess Jasmine's eyeshadow look too! She is pictured with Princess Cinderella in the Second photo seen below. ;)

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