Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leona Lewis Inspired Makeup Look (I Got You mv)

Hey y'all! So i did another makeup look... :)
I decided to go with a Leona Lewis makeup look for myself because alot of people tell me that i resemble her! So yep. I went on *images* and searched for pictures of her, and this silvery cat-eye look really caught my attention! I think this makeup look looks amazing on her, so i wanted to see if i could create the look for myself. :)
I must admit it was very tough! I think it's because our features are alot different. Leona Lewis has really small eyes, and my eyes are a bit rounder. ^^; Aside from that, Leona has a very slim face, and mine looks a bit more round in comparison. ^^; Alot of people also think i look part asian (for some reason?) so drawing on the black cat-eye liner onto my lids, thus elongating them really made my eyes more asian-looking. ^^;

I will admit that i'm not too thrilled with the job i did on this look though. i layered on the shimmery shadow, yet it hardly shows up in the photos. >< The eyeliner was pretty tough to do too!

Anyways, for this look i used all Urban decay eyeshadows from a palette that i bought from Sephora over a year ago. I think it's called "Book of Shadows vol. 1"? Leona doesn't seem to be wearing blush in the pictures below, but i couldn't stand leaving my cheeks bare (LOL) so i applied a bit of sparkly pink blush (by E.L.F) that i bought at target for only $3!! And it's my favorite blush!! It's a great secret cheapie. ;)
In the hollows of my cheeks, i also applied some bronzer by N.Y.C. (also only about $2!)
I filled in my brows using an angle brush and some brown eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents palette.
after i finished my eyeshadow, i glued on my falsies. They are just the corner lashes, not a full strip.
The lipstick i used is NYX round lipstick in Hermes. Then pink Sephora brand lipgloss in Rosy Glow. :)
I also noticed that her skin appears to be SUPER matte in the photos of her, so i used my new favorite product by Urban Decay de-slick mattifying powder. the stuff is AAAAMAZING if you are someone with oily skin like me. it is MUCH better than those oil blotting sheets i used to use, and this product will change your life if you've battled grease your whole life. ;)

Anyways, this makeup look is from Leona Lewis' music video for her song "I Got You". It's a beautiful song!! I love it, and i love Leona! So here it is:


(Me) Before:
After!  (-^__^-)

 Next up i'm planning on doing a Rihanna look...or maybe another Leona Lewis one. We'll see! I'm also open to suggestions! ;)
Feel free to drop me a comment. Thanks!~

<3, Marissa


  1. You look so pretty! I love that last picture ^^

  2. I LOVE it!! I love Leona and you are definitely a doppleganger!! <3 I told Holly about you so let's get that portfolio working! :D I'm planning a shoot for Pocahontas and would LOVE to have you do my makeup. not sure when though, but just letting you know ;)


  3. I knew it kinda? XD Soo pretty. ^^ - This is I guess I'm stuck with Peachy aren't I.

  4. you're so pretty! you look exactly like her!