Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leona Lewis Inspired Makeup Look (I Got You mv)

Hey y'all! So i did another makeup look... :)
I decided to go with a Leona Lewis makeup look for myself because alot of people tell me that i resemble her! So yep. I went on *images* and searched for pictures of her, and this silvery cat-eye look really caught my attention! I think this makeup look looks amazing on her, so i wanted to see if i could create the look for myself. :)
I must admit it was very tough! I think it's because our features are alot different. Leona Lewis has really small eyes, and my eyes are a bit rounder. ^^; Aside from that, Leona has a very slim face, and mine looks a bit more round in comparison. ^^; Alot of people also think i look part asian (for some reason?) so drawing on the black cat-eye liner onto my lids, thus elongating them really made my eyes more asian-looking. ^^;

I will admit that i'm not too thrilled with the job i did on this look though. i layered on the shimmery shadow, yet it hardly shows up in the photos. >< The eyeliner was pretty tough to do too!

Anyways, for this look i used all Urban decay eyeshadows from a palette that i bought from Sephora over a year ago. I think it's called "Book of Shadows vol. 1"? Leona doesn't seem to be wearing blush in the pictures below, but i couldn't stand leaving my cheeks bare (LOL) so i applied a bit of sparkly pink blush (by E.L.F) that i bought at target for only $3!! And it's my favorite blush!! It's a great secret cheapie. ;)
In the hollows of my cheeks, i also applied some bronzer by N.Y.C. (also only about $2!)
I filled in my brows using an angle brush and some brown eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents palette.
after i finished my eyeshadow, i glued on my falsies. They are just the corner lashes, not a full strip.
The lipstick i used is NYX round lipstick in Hermes. Then pink Sephora brand lipgloss in Rosy Glow. :)
I also noticed that her skin appears to be SUPER matte in the photos of her, so i used my new favorite product by Urban Decay de-slick mattifying powder. the stuff is AAAAMAZING if you are someone with oily skin like me. it is MUCH better than those oil blotting sheets i used to use, and this product will change your life if you've battled grease your whole life. ;)

Anyways, this makeup look is from Leona Lewis' music video for her song "I Got You". It's a beautiful song!! I love it, and i love Leona! So here it is:


(Me) Before:
After!  (-^__^-)

 Next up i'm planning on doing a Rihanna look...or maybe another Leona Lewis one. We'll see! I'm also open to suggestions! ;)
Feel free to drop me a comment. Thanks!~

<3, Marissa

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Princess Jasmine Makeup Look

Today my friend Roxie came to my house for a visit. The most awesome thing about having the chance to do her Princess Jasmine makeup was that this wasn't a planned thing whatsoever! It was really just a spur-of-the-moment "hey, can i do your makeup?" kinda thing. I'm just so glad she went along with it lol.
I used Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, and dusted mehron starblend cake makeup on top to make her skin look flawless. Then i used some NYC bronzer and Pur minerals deep pink blush onto her cheeks. For her eyeshadow, i used Urban Decay primer potion and as a white base, i used a white E.L.F. brand liquid base. The teal and gold shadows i used were by Urban decay, and the black eyeliner i used is by L'oreal (lineur intense carbon black). I curled her lashes and coated them with Lancome mascara. :)
On her lips, i used NYX round lipstick in "Taupe" and topped it with Lancome lipgloss in "Hotspell".
When the whole look was completed, i just finished it off with another dusting of the mehron powder. That stuff is amazing and makes the skin look so smooth and perfect. :)
Here are the pics!
Princess Jasmine:

& After! Hello Princess Jasmine ^^

Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Makeup Look

This halloween, i decided i wanted to dress up as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She is a totally adorable character after all, and i love the movie! :)
Since i was running out of Disney princesses to cosplay as (the only characters i can really pull off are maybe Tiana, Jasmine and Esmeralda..^^;) i figured since Sally's skintone is BLUE, it might work. :3
For the face/body paint, i used Kryolan aquacolor, and it worked PERFECTLY. i totally recommend this to anyone who needs a great long-lasted body paint. :) I actually used both transluscent powder AND "Model in a Bottle" makeup setting spray.
I did alot of sweating dancing at Club Skellington, and the paint didn't rub off or run or anything! So buy it! haha ^^
For this look, after painting myself blue, i drew on the black stitches with black eyeliner, drew my eyebrows on with a reddish eyeshadow using an angled brush to make them look sad (or as my mom put it, "pensive", put on a little bit of pink blush (Pur Minerals) and a dark pink lipstick by NYX ("Doll')  and used some long and lovely spidery lashes that i bought at Rite Aid. They were AWESOME! :D
And now for the pics!

i wore this a few times during the month of october, and i seriously think this costume is my new fav! <3
Hope y'all like it! ^__^

<3, Marissa

Disney's Cinderella Makeup Look

My second blog post. YAY! I'm feeling quite accomplished already. LOL! Anyways, here's another makeup look i did for another great friend of mine. We went to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party on Oct. 26th and i had the pleasure of creating her makeup look. She dressed up as Princess Cinderella, so i did my best to do her makeup accordingly! She is such a beautiful girl already, it really wasn't hard to make her look like a princess. :)
Of course here is a picture of Disney's Princess Cinderella...
 And here are a few pictures of my friend with her Cindrella-like makeup. <3
The foundation used was Maybelline dream matte powder, which had pretty nice coverage. I used shimmery white and baby blue eyeshadow shades across her peepers, dusted on some peachy-pink blush, and applied the frosty coral lipstick she had purchased and brought over for me to use on her. :) From there, i lined her top eyelids with liquid black eyeliner, curled her eyelashes and applied some nice full and glamorous false lashes to make her eyes stand out beautifully! to finish up her look, i coated both her falsies and lower lashes with black mascara. Oh, and i also had the chance to do Princess Jasmine's eyeshadow look too! She is pictured with Princess Cinderella in the Second photo seen below. ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Zelda-Inspired Makeup Look

Hey y'all! I am excited to be posting my :3
This is a makeup look i did for my great friend Roxie who attended the PMX convention last weekend. She cosplayed as Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, and asked me to do her makeup.
I loved doing this makeup look! It was very simple and natural. :)
Here is a picture of Princess Zelda

and here are a few photos with the makeup look i did on her:

it is a very natural and barely there makeup look, but that's because the character is supposed to be a child. ^_^;
i have done a few other makeup looks on my other friends, so i will have many more blog posts comin' up! 
Thanks fer lookin', and please stay tuned! ;)